We are to always trust the Lord our God with our lives, our family, our future and our happiness. So why is it that every single new thing that I try brings uncertainty and yes even fear, fear of ridicule, fear of failure, fear of inadequacy, ETC?

There is a reason for this and we all know what it is. Simply put, it is a lack of faith. A lack of faith not in ourselves but in the Lord. If we have prayed for guidance, asked for guidance from others and sought the will of the Lord then we should be comfortable with the result. But we aren’t are we? There is still that little teeny doubt, that small voice of satan saying “I don’t care what God says, you can’t do this. Back off from the path that He is sending you on, I know a better way.”

The way of the world is never better than the way of the Lord. Rejoice in this and follow the Way of the Lord. Do you know the Way of the Lord? He is real, He is alive and He is waiting for you to call on His Name. Call out to Jesus and cast your fears into the fire. Call out to Him daily to calm your fears. I do and I can tell you that it works, daily.