Some people call what is here this morning low lying clouds, other call it fog but I call the mists of the mountains. It is the covering that hides our world many mornings and gives these mountains a blanket of healing moisture. Life grows in profusion here as the moisture waters the vegetation and the vegetation feeds the animal life.

While we look at the mist as a nuisance, it really is a blessing to the place that we love. Blessings often come disguised that way and we miss them because we are so busy being busy that we don’t see. The next time you become irritated with something that delays your day, stop and look around. What you see as a problem to be worked through may actually be a blessing to be thankful for.

The Lord knows the number of hairs on your head, He has a plan for you, He loves you with a perfect love and He walks beside you always. Blessings He sends in abundance and you need to be watching for them in every circumstance. Just because the mist hides the path does not mean that it is not there. Have enough faith to step through the mist into God’s loving arms.