The road to failure is filled with good intentions, I should know because I am the king of good intentions. So many times I know what I should do and I will even try to get someone to hold me accountable and still I fail. This is my cross to bear: that sometimes my spirit is willing but my flesh is weak.

The times that I succeed are the times when I seek the Lord first and follow His plan instead of mine. I have had a lifetime of being ‘good enough’ on my own. It was in my 62nd year that I finally surrendered all to Christ 6 short years ago. Do I lament the lost years of not knowing the Lord? In some ways yes. Then I remember that God’s plan for me started when I was born and will continue for eternity. He was working on me until I finally saw Him. My only regret is that I could not share Jesus with my children properly because I did not know Him personally.

My daughter once confessed that I am not the same man who was her father and this is true. Jesus has control now and that makes me a new man in Christ. I am proud of my daughter and her honesty and pray that I can be the example for her that I failed to be while she grew up.