We stopped at 2 PM and stayed in Danbury last night, just one hour from Farmington. Due to health issues this is the best way for us to travel. We took one long day (11 hours) and one medium day (5 hours), rested and then we have a very short day to our destination. This gives us time for our bodies to heal before doing the fun stuff that is coming up.

As we leave we will try to take three medium days to get back. Linda can then rest while I go to work rested from the shorter driving days. Life sure changes as your years advance, used to be that an average daily drive on vacation was 8 hours. No more and the stops have become more frequent as well, every hour we need to move our bones or they get real stiff and painful.

As I know Jesus more and more, I am less and less frustrated by the slower pace that we have as we age. It gives us more time to follow our hearts, do what is closest to us. What do you older folks do with most of your leisure time? That is where your heart is and that is where the treasure you are building lies.