We went to bed last night in our own home in Kentucky. These past 8 days have been an eye opening journey to the past in my life. To see the old high school blended with the new, new buildings and sports fields, new gyms and classrooms all grafted onto the old buildings, new traditions evolving from old and current seniors walking in fellowship with old seniors was a wonderful sight and is an inspiring memory that gives hope for our future.

Next was a trip to the past once again. A trip to the most crucial time in the evolution of this great nation of a ours, a trip to where our country took a stand against slavery, a trip to look the evil that tore at our fabric as a nation straight in the eye and say ‘yes, we were and are better that that’. And then our generation took another mighty step as we marched with Martin Luther King and fought for voting rights, once again Americans doing the difficult thing and getting it right.

Our time for swift and dramatic action is over now, time to pass the torch to the youth of America. Don’t despair for we see every day at CAP and last week in our old school evidence that this new generation is more than ready for the challenges ahead. With God they stand, strong and faithful.