When we wake each morning here in Kentucky we rejoice. A new day is upon us with all of the opportunities for both good and evil that will be presented to us. Every choice that we will be given today will determine the path for today and perhaps some choices will determine the path for our future. But the most important decision that we make each is to speak with the Lord first and pray for His guidance and wisdom.

Each small step that we take leads somewhere and each thought that we have moves us somewhere. If we try to determine our own steps and listen to our own thoughts without God’s guidance we are doomed to failure. Doomed to fail because there are forces in this world that exert unseen and unnoticed pressures on us to follow the world, to move in small steps and decisions away from God’s plan.

Because God’s plan (Jeremiah 29:11) is for us to have prosperity and a future in eternity with Him, we need to follow His plan as faithfully as we can. This means constantly reading the map (Bible) and asking for help in even the smallest of things.