God gave us free will… the ability to accept Him or reject Him, the ability to follow the laws of God or not, the ability to accept or reject any social norm or law made by man. We have complete freedom of choice and with this comes the knowledge of the consequences of said freedom.

When we ignore society’s norms we quickly become alone in our social ineptitude. When we ignore the laws of our city, state and nation the result is loss… loss of income, loss of money and perhaps loss of freedom or the ultimate, loss of life. These are deterrents, reasons laid upon us for not following, for incorrectly applying free will.

God does not try to keep you from ignoring Him by force, He does not have a series of laws set up to enforce His will upon you. He just loves you, He just always forgives you for the injustices you do to Him. The only commandments that Jesus says are absolute are to love God, your Father and love each other as you love yourselves. If you will keep these two commandments you will learn the rest of His will for you because you will come freely to the Throne and find your own personal freedom from sin and satan.