When the land is covered with mist and there seems to be no path to take be very careful. If you have been this way before you can search for signs and familiar landmarks to help guide you. The more you know the terrain the easier the task of recognizing your surroundings becomes. When the surroundings are not even visible it is perhaps better to wait for the mist to lift so the path becomes clear once more.

When the mists and lies of the world trouble your spirit and you know not where, or even who, you are, be aware that there is One who always knows your location and your soul. If you have traveled through this life without acknowledging or seeing the signs and landmarks placed by the Holy One to guide you then you are truly lost.

There is a Beacon that can cut through any mist and lead you to the comfort of the Holy Spirit. Stop where you are, drop to your knees and seek the Lord. Surrender your life to Jesus, give Him dominion over your mind and soul and He will send the Holy Spirit to you to dwell in you as your Comforter, Guide and constant reminder of God’s love for you.