Praise the Lord for the life that you have. Praise Him every day and worship Him as the Creator of all that you see and all that is unseen. Praise Him in the good times and praise Him in the uncertain times when the future is cloudy.

Praise the Lord for your pain and your trials for it is through the crucible of your trials that your faith is strengthened. Feel joy when you are in the valley for God is with you.

Yes, God is with you when you are troubled to bring peace to your heart, God is beside you to guide you and encourage you and God is in front of you encouraging you to see through the troubles to the calm of His open arms.

There are plenty of proofs of the Lord’s healing touch, there are shining examples of His mercy in action, just look around you. See those who are hurting filled with joy. See those who have little or nothing being content and not coveting the wealth all around them. Look with open eyes and an open mind and you will believe and when you believe your life will never be the same. Come to the joyous side of life!