Food selection decisions were once thought to be meaningless, we now know better. There are those of us who need to base our eating decisions on the effect certain foods will have on our health and lifespan. By simply avoiding unhealthy choices we can significantly improve our quality of life while increasing our chances of living longer. Many of us ignore this simple solution so we can enjoy the things now that will hurt us later with the full knowledge of the consequences.

If you see a loved one self-destructing by making poor decisions in his or her life you will talk with your friend, you will try your very best to help. There is no way that you will just stand by and let your friend or family member self-destruct without, at the very least, talking with them.

So, as a Christian, how can you stand by and allow a friend or loved one self-destruct and miss eternity when you have the opportunity to talk to them about the glory of Jesus and the path to eternal peace, joy and life? The body is but a temporary shelter for our soul. If we care greatly about the body then how much more should we care about the soul?

Love others enough to care not only for their physical wellbeing but their spiritual as well.