There are mornings when time seems to stand still, when the day is put on hold and you can pause with the Lord and rest. This morning has been one of those times. When we seek the comfort of His arms and love He always responds… in His time.

What a blessing it is that the Lord’s time to respond to our need is always when our need is the greatest. All we have to do is ask with patience, pray with faith and purpose and wait on His timing. Peace, love and joy comes from the Lord as a gift that we need to freely pass on to others.

Freely giving all that the Lord has bestowed on us is not a noble and unselfish act. It is, rather, just a normal reaction, the result of being blessed and realizing that the way to more blessings is to make room by passing the blessings along to those whose needs are greater. Let us always give thanks to the Lord. First for His Son, Jesus Christ, who gave it all to set us free and secondly for being the Lord of mercy. As we go through today, with the challenges before us, we will exalt the Lord and worship and praise Him in all circumstances.