We have all been told just believe, just believe and repent of your sins. Just let go of yourself, just surrender your burdens and wait on the Lord. Just do it, just step out in faith and Jesus will catch you. He will carry your burdens for you, He will give you joy and He will bring peace to your heart. All true and wonderful. However, this is but the first step in your journey with Jesus in this new life you receive.

For us, the most liberating aspect of following Jesus is just that ‘following’ and no longer trying to lead and discern the future for ourselves and others. Giving God sovereignty in our lives does not free us from needing to plan for our future, it gives us access to His plans for our lives and a blueprint to follow to stay in His will. More importantly we have the freedom to accept His will and follow His plans even when they deviate from our path.

As our God leads us and we follow we are gaining more and more faith. And to our amazement our peace and joy continues to grow beyond our ability to understand. We find ourselves in places not of our choosing, witnessing for the Lord, giving comfort to strangers and being blessed with God’s love.