There are times in life when the world is like this morning’s mist, grey and insubstantial and the Lord is a consuming fire burning the mist off of His creation, a small foretaste of times to come when Jesus returns. We all have friends who are a part of the mist, their faith grey and insubstantial and we see others every day who have no or little faith.

All Christians have been called to love the Lord and love others. If we truly love the Lord we will do His will and follow His plan. Each of us has a part in God’s plan to bring others to Him and defeat satan every day. Pray for the vision to see His plan for you and pray for the strength to love others, even the unlovable and the hateful. Murderers, abortionists, rapists, pedophiles, and terrorists are all just one confession, one act of repentance and acceptance of Jesus as the Son of God from salvation.

Sin is sin, God does not differentiate between them. Remember Romans 3:23 and John 3:16 and be ever thankful that ours is a God of mercy and grace. By His grace we were saved and with His grace we need to always be ready to love everyone and share His gospel and His blessings.