I play solitaire on my computer every day for relaxation. Today I finally realized something about the game. If I am going to win the game there comes a certain point where my victory is assured. When I reach that point, the game takes over and completes the moves for me, I no longer need to move the cards.

Interesting concept, it promotes a certain type of laziness in us, a failure on our part to complete the task at hand, to believe that others can and will finish what we start. All too often this is true in our lives. We begin think to think that an act well begun is enough, that the reward comes at the start of the race and not at the end, that participation is rewarded and not effort.

Therefore, we feel completed when we repent of our sins and ask Jesus into our hearts. We balk at continuing he journey with the Lord. After all, isn’t a task well started the same as a task well ended? We feel like we deserve the same reward as the fastest runner, the same participation trophy. Neither life in the world, nor life in the spirit works that way. Salvation was by grace and God’s great mercy and should empower us to follow Jesus and try to be more like Him every day. If it doesn’t, was it real?