Is the time that you spend alone fruitful or lonely? We all encounters times when we are alone, times when circumstances put us in a place all by ourselves. Maybe we are idle or maybe we have a list of things that need to be done, a series of one person jobs that keep our hands busy and our minds idle.

What we do during these times is very important for our spiritual growth. We can put our minds in neutral and idle away the hours not really thinking, just vegetating away. We can let our thoughts wander around with no direction. Boy does satan love this. When he finds your mind idling or wandering aimlessly he sees and acts on the opportunity to fill the leadership role that you have chosen to give up.

Yes. Letting your mind wander without direction is a choice. A choice that allows anyone to enter and steal your thoughts and move you away from God. Train your mind to always think about Jesus, to always be ready to meditate on Him and His word. Be ruthless with your mind’s time, take every thought captive for the Lord. And be forgiving of yourself when you fail for it is in the effort that success is found.