Witness to the world. Tell everyone of the time you met Jesus, of the things He has done in your life, of your great love for Him and of God’s grace and mercy that saved a sinner like you (and me). Do this with a glad demeanor, with happiness in your heart and do it with words and actions. Seeds will be planted, tiny little mustard seeds of faith will begin to grow everywhere you speak. You may not see them but they are there none the less. Your daily walk with Jesus, your conduct during the normal stresses of life will either water these seeds or parch the soil where they are planted.

Every time others see you responding to situations with love and kindness a little water flows to the seed and it begins to grow. Pretty soon the seed becomes another person of faith, another soul reaped for the Lord.

Every time others see you reacting with anger and resentment or gossiping or spreading lies in your desire to show your worth dryness and drought come the seed. It can no longer grow, instead it withers and dies and your testimony is now only a story told by a fool good for nothing but entertainment.