Too often our actions are influenced by the fear of the opinion of others. As adults we have a responsibility to model our values (by our conduct) in such a manner that others will know Jesus, that they will see worth in how we act.

Our demeanor as Christians is under close scrutiny by satan and he will use any excuse to influence the world against us. He will be there when we stumble to point a finger, to whisper a half truth, to destroy our testimony.

There are many in our society that wear the colors of Christianity, that fly the flag of piety and that portray themselves to be moral leaders. Know them by the tone of their voice, know them by their fruits. Sarcasm, anger and violence are all the fruit of an unholy spirit… do not listen, do not follow, do not give voice to their opinions thereby give substance and weight to their opinions.

Our humor should not be sarcastic or demeaning but uplifting and full of joy. Our words should not contentious or quarrelsome but gentle and kind. Our opinions should not be formed quickly to win an argument or prove a point but well thought out and measured against the Word of the Lord. Our anger should not be quickly kindled nor should it be long lasting.