Welcome to the waiting room that is my life. No, we are not at the hospital. My malady is not physical, rather it is spiritual and waiting is not a character trait that I have ever cultivated. When I was young I would run like a jackrabbit at the drop of a hat.

At an early age I felt the call of the Lord and it scared me stupid so I ran. I ran with a purpose and that purpose was to avoid committing to the Lord without closing the option to commit later on. As my life unfolded I found both great happiness and great pain in my family as satan tried to pull me from the Lord and I tried to fight the battle alone.

It is a testimony to the patience of the Lord that His grace was never withdrawn, that His love persisted and that I was eventually (after 50 years of futile struggle) led into His loving arms.

But I digress. Back to the waiting room of my life. Physically waiting for answers to health questions. Emotionally riding a roller coaster of ups and downs as positive answers bring, not peace, but more questions. Spiritually fighting off the doubt that satan always assails us with.