Wait and I will give you riches beyond your wildest imagination, wait and your every heart’s desire will be fulfilled, says the Lord. But what do you do after you have prayed, after you have sought for the wisdom of the Lord? Do you stop what you are doing and sit in a corner? Not if you are doing the work of the Lord where you are, you don’t. You continue in your work for the Lord and trust Him to work things out in His time.

Discerning God’s will for your life when you are not doing His work is pretty easy, just start doing everything for the Lord where you are. Change your motives and you will change your life. Jesus does not lead you by force, He does not put a rope around your neck and pull. He guides with a gentle hand. He speaks with a quiet still voice and expects you to listen and follow.

Praying to the Lord and hearing His voice when you are already doing His work can be unnerving when His voice calls you away, away from what you love to another field. Of course, before you do anything, pray for wisdom and test this voice against the Word of God. Take your time and get it right.