During our journey through life we meet many people, only a small fraction of them become friends and of these friends only a few become close friends and confidantes. All too often we use emotions and feelings to pull people towards us or push them away. We use first impressions to immediately discard some from our lives and pull others into our circle.

Compassion and love are saved for those we have already chosen as friends, chosen without discernment and without thought. If it is true that friends build each other up and help each other, share common interests and influence each other’s behavior then shouldn’t we chose our close friends with care.

On the other hand, our friendship should be extended to all who need a friend. In this instance, being a friend to all who need a friend means being the positive influence that they need while rebuffing the negative influence that they exert on others. Before you go out looking to be a friend of the unlovable, the soul in need of salvation strengthen your own soul, armor yourself with the Word of God and prepare your heart.

Be sure that your close circle of friends is ready to help you and to pray for you as you battle satan for the lost souls that you will meet.