What is your vocation? This is an interesting question because the very word vocation evokes different images in the secular world and the Christian faith. In the secular world the word vocation is defined as that occupation that provides your primary source of income. In the Christian faith vocation is defined as a strong inclination to a particular state course of action, i.e. a divine call to the religious life.

The Word of God declares that the vocation of every believer is the increase of His kingdom through the spreading of the Gospel. The way in which each of us does this is unique to our circumstances, personalities and walk with Jesus. There is no set formula, no concrete action that we can do, no set of rules to follow, no job to train for that will prepare us for the work God has in store for our lives. First seek the will of the Lord through prayer, fasting, meditation and study of the scripture and all else will become clear, for He will show you your path. He will make clear His plans for you.

We can spread the gospel wherever we are, in any job, at any location and with any other human who needs Jesus. We can use our actions, our compassion, our demeanor and (when all else fails) our words to show the love of the Lord to others.