Our generation was born into a world in strife, raised in an atmosphere of global tension and came to adulthood watching or participating in the horrors of war. We argued with each other about the solutions to the world’s woes, we acted on our convictions and we railed against man’s inhumanity to man.

After some sixty odd years of watching the world, the only viable conclusion that makes sense is that there is an evil force at work that perverts God’s creation. As a part of God’s creation mankind is not immune to this perversion. As human beings it has always been our duty to resist this perversion to the best of our ability. However, we cannot do this by ourselves.

We lack the wisdom, the strength and the ability to withstand the evils of this world by ourselves. Fortunately we have an ally in this battle… we have Jesus. Evil does not need to triumph in our land, in our country or in our souls. Fear can be overcome and love can be given to the hurting people running from oppression and death. Show love and peace, not fear and hatred. If we are truly Christian and this is truly a Christian nation then together with Jesus we can show love. Fight evil with good… not fear and rejection.