Sitting quietly on the couch together and sharing a smile about nothing, laughing about some shared memory, watching the cat be silly on the floor, the important moments of our lives are built around these times. It is not the big moments of our lives that matter, rather it is the accumulation of small moments that define who we are. Pray that Jesus controls our small moments for they may be here today and tomorrow they may be gone leaving only the memory of times shared.

Acknowledging the human being who is placed in front of you with a smile, a nod, a simple gesture. Being considerate in our driving habits, not letting the bad habits of others affect our mood. Keeping our opinions of the actions and habits of others to ourselves, not revealing the secrets of others. Receiving all criticism with a smile and a vow to improve. All of these acts can be done by us with the help of the Lord and without the help of the Lord none of this can be done.

Surrendering your life to Jesus does not necessarily mean making the grand gesture, giving up all you have, constantly seeking the needy or working tirelessly for others. When you freely give your heart and soul to the Master, you vow to give each moment to His service, make no gesture, no decision, and have no thought that is not first taken to Him in prayer.