This morning is the coldest morning so far this year. There will be colder mornings and there will be warmer mornings but this one is the coldest so far. As a precaution, we opened the faucet in the back bathroom to keep the water moving in the pipes to prevent freezing.

Just like we left the faucet dripping all night while we slept to prevent the pipes from bursting, we need to keep our prayers always moving toward God to keep our faith alive. If we aren’t careful our conduit to the Lord will clog with the cares of the world and we will have lost our way. Don’t let people and things get into your prayer path to God and stop the flow of faith and love and blessings and worship and praise.

Take time to hear God’s voice before starting your day. Pause frequently during the day to say a short thank you to the Lord for whatever is in front of you. Whether it is nice or nasty, it is a blessing with lessons to be learned and we should always praise the Lord for all things.