We rose at 6:00 EST in Louisville, Kentucky and after a long flight, a 2 hour layover and a short flight and a 3 hour drive, Linda and I finally arrived at Mom’s house in Yuma, Arizona at 6:30 (8:30 EST). Mom and Dennis greeted us with big smiles and much love. We all sat down and ate soup and crackers and talked and just fellowshipped as family.

Not your storybook Thanksgiving but one of my favorites. Seeing Dennis was a pleasant surprise and seeing Mom is always such a treat because we live on opposite sides of the continent. Today we look forward to seeing my older brother David and his wife Shirley and will thoroughly enjoy the next few days with loved ones during this holiday season. Of course, not all of our loved ones are here. Some are far away as our family has spread out and some have departed.

Funny how Thanksgiving has evolved for me. From just looking forward to food, football and fun to being truly thankful for God and His mercy, Jesus for His strength and the Holy Spirit for His guidance. Now no matter the situation, no matter where we are, Linda and I are always thankful in our hearts for all of the friends and family that God has given us.