Yesterday we had the Thanksgiving meal a day late but no less meaningful to a family living apart. Memories were abundant, those not present were remembered and the conversation had a depth to it that was refreshing in a world full of superficiality.

As we move forward in this timeline that is our lives our loved ones become more precious and the limited nature of our time on this earth becomes more evident. We need to treasure the moments together and share our love for each other. Savor the time with family, enjoy the laughter, the love, agreements and the disagreements. All too soon we will be apart again, all too soon the world will come crashing back in to pull at our attention and all too soon our worries will be back.

The seasons of our lives ebb and flow like the tides of the ocean and like the tides are influenced by outside forces as are our lives. While we determine our destiny, we do not do it in a random way. There is a God Who created all, Who watches His creation and loves it and everything in it including us. He has given us free will to accept or reject Him. But remember that if you reject Him, if you exercise your right to deny Him He can also exercise His right to deny you.