There are days when we rise in the morning full of joy and good health, ready to worship the Lord, praising Him for His goodness and mercy, and then there are days when we barely crawl out of bed full of pain and doubt. We are to start those days worshipping the Lord and praising Him for His goodness and mercy as well.

God is always worthy of our praise for He is always good and merciful. Even when we turn from Him, even when we revile Him, even when we sin mightily, He is there beside us. He stands with us in our deepest valleys to share our troubles and rejoices with us on our mountaintops. When asked who He was God replied “I am”.

No matter how we feel, no matter who we think we are, no matter who others think we are, we are all creations of the Lord. Know this first, understand this first then begin your spiritual journey to meet your God. Read about Him in the Bible, be critical and compare the Bible to other histories of the times. Try to disprove Christianity with logic and reasoning and study. The deeper you delve into it the clearer it becomes that there is a God and that Jesus is His Son who came into the world to reconcile us with God.