Today is the final day that we will spend here in Yuma, until the next time. Most of us live with the assumption that tomorrow will come, that we can plan for the future, that the Lord is not finished with us yet and we order our lives accordingly.

That is just not the case. What we are truly given is this moment in time and then it is already gone. So we need to do what is important moment by moment and not just plan to do good things in the future or when we have time. We will never have time because time moves relentlessly forward whether you use it wisely or not.

So today we will do those things that make memories, be they sightseeing or fellowshipping or just being present with each other. Then we will leave, making plans to return for more good conversation and remembering of past times. Each trip that we take, each day that we have and each person we meet becomes more precious to us.

As our Lord leads us through this life we are amazed by the wonder of the His creation, by the diversity of His people and by the mercy of His love as He walks us through our journey to Him. You too can enjoy the Love of the Lord. He is already pouring it out, just learn to accept it.