My heart is heavy today as I remember the sadness that man gives to man through unspeakable acts of war. On Dec 7th 1941 over 2,000 innocent lives were taken by evil men who had taken the leadership of nations over with guile. This led to the involvement of the United States in World War II, the war to prevent evil forces from enslaving the world. At a terrible cost in lost lives, not only of the soldiers but also of innocent civilians, evil was thwarted.

On Sep 11th 2001 over 2,000 innocent lives were taken. This time the deaths were not caused by misguided nations but by evil men masquerading as religious leaders. These two events signal a quantum shift in satan’s plans. His first effort to control humanity by force alone failed because we knew who the enemy was and could focus our resources. Now, the enemy comes disguised as religious zealots hiding among the innocent and striking only at the helpless and unarmed. This is a new warfare, this is a new threat that needs new tactics and until our leadership figures out how to neutralize this new threat we need to support them and pray for them.

Satan will always be trying to instill fear and uncertainty in the hearts of men. As Christians we know that he can only take our lives, our souls will live long after he is dead.