There are signs all around us… signs and wonders. The birth of Jesus Christ our Savior is going to be celebrated soon. The sheer joy of knowing that we can celebrate this precious event should be enough to keep us full of hope and peace through this season.

Then life intrudes… no, not really life but satan rears his ugly head and starts to whisper words of doubt into our lives. He uses our neighbors to say we are not inclusive enough, he uses our own uncertainties to say that we should not force our views on the world and therefore have no right to express our joy to the world.

God did not send His precious Son into the world so that we would have doubts and fears. No! Jesus came to bring peace to our souls and love to our hearts. He came to bring hope to us all and to serve notice to satan that he is, in fact, a fallen angel who has already been defeated. All satan can do is blow and bluster and shout against Christmas and try to take our joy and replace it with anger. He has already lost the war while he continues to fight the battle.

Rest in the joy of Jesus, rest in the peace of Christmas my friend.