There are days that seem to begin clouded with uncertainty and pain when we fear what the day may bring. And then there are days when we awaken to a glorious dawn filled with joy and happiness anxiously anticipating what the day will bring. Both days begin with the act of waking up and assessing what the plans are for that day.

It is the plans that may determine our feelings for the day. Instead of reacting to what we know the day is going to bring to us we should act on what the Lord has promised us. He has promised to comfort us in our grief and sorrow, be with us when all appears to be lost and walk with us through the valleys of our lives.

Whether it is learning to live with chronic disease or learning to depend on others for that which we would rather do ourselves or even accepting great loss, we need to kneel before the Lord, sing His praises and thank Him for all that we have. A hard task for us when we face troubles or when we have suffered great loss. But in time and with the help of the Holy Spirit we can once again see all that is still ours and rejoice in the knowledge that Jesus walks with us.