What a wonderful, bittersweet time this is. Looking forward to celebrating the birth of Jesus, reuniting with family during the Christmas season and attending our home church in Dothan. All of this during another of our personal seasons of uncertainty.

Life in all of its splendor and pain, joy and sorrow, happiness and sadness is not filled with good times for without the valleys the mountains would not be. Without sorrow there would be no joy. Life is lived in contrasts, in constant flux and the only thing that never changes is change itself, with the exception of God. He is the same now and forever. Knowing this and accepting Jesus as your savior will give you a firm foundation on which to stand as the vagaries of life buffet you.

For Linda and I the world is a simple place, a location where we can grow in our love and understanding of God, a location where we can show the love of Christ to the hurting, where we can spread the gospel to those who need it. Being human we often fail in our devotion to the Lord. Sometimes we doubt, sometimes we fail each other and our friends and family. But understand this, God never fails us.