We have a travel trailer sitting behind the Foley Mission Center. It is full of the promise of new adventures, new volunteer opportunities, sightseeing adventures, new friends and best of all new ways to be a witnesses for Jesus. But, as long as it sits, as long as it waits it is just a promise.

Until we actually begin our new mission work, until we finish our preparations the trailer is just so much dead weight, expense and worry. All tools are toys until they are used for the purpose they were acquired for and this travel trailer is going to be our home, not our home away from home. In March, the travel trailer will become our rolling witness to the Lord, our way of helping others through service, fellowship and worship.

Are you an unfulfilled promise? Is your commitment real or do you just play with faith, like it was a toy? Every one of us is sitting behind some mission center somewhere being prepared to go forth and proclaim the gospel. Make sure that you do not get so caught up in the preparations that you never go forth, that you never use the tools that God gives to you, that the tools do not become toys for your own enjoyment.