It becomes easier each time you downsize your life, removing possessions is more liberating than one can realize. When we finally realize that the objects that we own do not keep the memories alive, they are stored in our mind, we are freed to let go.

In reality, anything that we possess that we can’t let go of possesses us. Having worked with CAP, Linda and I have come realize the truth in CAP housing motto. “Safe, warm and dry” is all anyone needs to live, to love and to worship the Lord. Even those simple things are gifts from God and anything that you have above these is truly a blessing.

So, today is one of many days of decision as we pare our possessions down to what will fit in the camper. Since our needs will be small most what we have will be given to those who are in need and the need here is enormous. With the recent floods and the ongoing cases of fires due to old and faulty heating equipment and wiring even our simplest things are needed.

It is with joyous hearts that we give what we no longer need.