The Christmas season is a time for sharing memories with family and friends. Memories of loved ones who have passed. Memories of places and times both good and bad from long ago and just yesterday. Our minds are fickle things, often what we remember is colored by what we wish had happened. The only Truth that we can trust is Jesus Christ, the One whose birth we celebrate this week.

The Christmas season is a time for renewing our faith. If only we could bottle the good will of this season and carry it throughout the year. Wait… we can. The birth of Jesus Christ started a reconciliation with God that was completed by His death on the Cross. So the feelings of peace and love that are here now can keep on as long as we continue to have faith. Faith in Jesus, faith in the Truth of God’s Word and faith in The Holy Spirit as we are guided through this earthly time.

The Christmas season is a time for giving thanks for the ultimate gift from God. The Gift from God is not only His only begotten Son, but His mercy and compassion and love. How do we respond to this gift? Worship the Holy Father, acknowledge His Son and spend every day giving thanks by our words and our actions. Merry Christmas