Christmas Eve and the anticipation is growing as we sit in our hotel room thinking about family, both new and old. We can’t wait to see our latest grandchild this afternoon and spend Christmas with our daughter and her family. The only regret is that we can’t do the same for both daughter’s and their families.

When we were first married we chose to spend Christmas with my new daughter and her family because they had no children and we continue the tradition now with a new grandson. What is probably going to happen in the future is that we will winter in Florida near our other daughter and spend lots of time with her as her children spread their wings and move out.

So, from spending every Christmas with my first daughter to every Christmas with my second daughter is quite a change. We are truly blessed with two daughters with loving hearts who understand family and embrace us as their parents. Even though we each replaced a parent who died our children see us as their parents and people who love them both equally.

This is the love that God has for His children. We are the adopted children of God and as such the brothers and sisters of Jesus, loved no less by the Father.