Sharing memories, doing some toy assembly and eating too much good food. These are some of the things that make Christmas so special. Family fun and the return of lost relatives add to the mystique of the holiday.

Just remember that we are celebrating an event unique in the history of the world, in fact, the universe. The Lord, God came to earth for our salvation. He abased himself, gave up His powers and became human all for our benefit. God as man… wonder of wonders. The Creator so loved His creation that He came into the creation to fix that which the created had ruined.

The joy of this season is just a small foretaste of the joy that becomes complete when we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus on Easter Sunday. This is the time when the world takes note of our Lord and Savior and either embraces Him, ignores Him or reviles Him. Those who do not embrace Him now run the danger of being judged with the goats and consigned to eternal separation from God.