Alone time with the Lord is always special, more the day after celebrating the beginning of the journey to our salvation. Today is the start of time between the birth of our Lord and His rising from the grave to defeat death and sin. This is a time of intense reflection and meditation on the life of Christ and what His lessons for us are.

As we pass through these days leading up to the sorrow and pain of the crucifixion and through the joy of the resurrection let us remember that Jesus was not sad as a Man. Rather He embraced the joy and wonder of life, He reveled in fellowship with others, He surrounded Himself with close friends and led them to His Father. He led them to understand just who He is and did so gently with words and actions, showing us how to disciple others along the way.

Enjoy your life, be happy in the face of an uncertain future and be in fellowship with good Christians. Bring your heart and mind to the friendship and most of all bring your joy and happiness. Life meant to be lived in joy as we learn the lessons that grow our faith and bring us into closer fellowship with God and each other.