We live in an age when wars appear to be expanding, more severe weather reported around the world and Christianity seems to be on the decline. Troubling trends for sure, if they are true. Is there really more bad news today or is there more media reporting only the bad news. We will never know, just like we will not know if these are the times foretold in Revelations.

We are not destined to know the hour of the return of our Lord. We only told with certainty that He will return amidst times of trouble and we have been instructed to be ever vigilant, ready for His arrival at all times. Those who are truly prepared are calm and at peace. Theirs is the life that we all aspire to, a life of certainty, never marred by worry or despair for they know where their salvation comes from.

As a Christian, you have the assurance of the return of the Lord, as a Christian, you have eternal life here and now. So pray unceasingly giving thanks. Worship the One who saves. Be vigilant calmly waiting His return. You have been blessed beyond all expectations. Revel in His mercy and be a beacon of hope in this lost and hurting world.