Time moves so fast in this world we live in, we are here today and somewhere else tomorrow. Life should be about seeing those we love, spending time with them and relaxing into relationships instead of speeding away from them. For my entire life I have been guilty of always looking forward and not looking at the now.

During this next phase of our lives this is going to change for Linda and I. Our plans for the upcoming year are very simple. We are going to take care of our health, visit friends wherever they are, attend Abbey’s high school graduation June 3rd and spend 4 nights camping at Yellowstone June 20th through the 23rd. The only restriction to our travels will be gas prices and temperature. Cold weather is no longer in our future so we will summer in the northern half and winter in the south.

Fellowship time with friends and the Lord are our new goals. This new normal for us comes at a price. We have to divest ourselves of our possessions, pass family treasures on to the next generation. We can however tell the stories behind each piece and keep our legacy going. It is time to lean on the Lord for our safety and daily bread even more than before.