It is nearing time to take down the holiday decorations, pack away this year’s memories and start to make new ones. We will make new memories with old friends and family, doing things not done before in places not visited before and we will meet new friends and create new ties with new memories. Each year starts as a new book to be written in, a fresh chapter in our lives to be savored.

Let us resolve to create a new chapter filled with excitement and adventure, a new chapter soaked in love and kindness for others and new chapter proclaiming the goodness and mercy of a loving and gracious God. Wherever we go, whoever we meet let us determine to show the face of the Lord, speak of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.

Be not fearful, be not hesitant, be not quiet. Rather be quietly confident, be direct and forthright and do not fail to be heard because the message is too important to hidden in our hearts. We need to shout the glory of the Lord, we must proclaim the gospel of Jesus and keep doing so until the either the whole world knows or we go home to be with our Lord and savior.