Yesterday we met a dear friend and her new husband for dinner and conversation. Such a wonderful of getting acquainted with a new friend and reacquainted with an old friend was had that I am wondering why we don’t get together with friends more often. I suppose distance has something to do with it as does the normal busyness of our lives.

This week Linda and I have had such a wonderful time renewing old friendships, starting new ones and being with family that we have resolved to spend more time with family and friends. We will seek them out where they are, we will travel to them if they can’t travel to us and while doing so we speak of Jesus along the way and help others as we are able.

The purpose of our lives is to glorify God by our worship, our love of others, our discipling of fellow believers and our spreading of His Word. Anything that furthers that purpose is to be diligently sought after and anything that hinders that purpose is to be cast off from us. This means that there will be some painful decisions made in pursuit of God’s purpose for our lives but these decisions will bring us to a renewed peace resting in the arms of Jesus.