After almost two weeks of getting up when we woke up, an alarm clock sounds almost menacing. One’s brain and body forget what the reality of a schedule means and the morning takes on an eerie, dark meaning. Then the daily routine returns, the brain cells start working and the day begins.

First comes greeting the Lord and giving thanks for the time spent with loved ones, the time to do His work today and all of the rest of the todays that He has measured for us. Then listening to His Voice through His Word and words of others who love Him and whom He loves.

This time with God in the morning prepares me for the day ahead. It allows me to remember Who He is and who I am, lets me let go of the hurts that come and reminds me to forgive as I have been and am being forgiven.

Forgiveness from God is not a onetime thing that happens when we accept Him into our hearts. No, we need to be forgiven daily because salvation is not a cure-all for our sins. Salvation allows us into fellowship with the Lord and begins the process of sanctification, making us more like Jesus each day with lessons and love and work and compassion.