Looked around the house last night. There is so much that needs to happen in the next sixty days. It is amazing how much two people can accumulate in a short period of time and all of it seemed so necessary when acquired.

Some of what we have is a result of necessity, some a result of wanting convenience and some to act as reminders of past times both good and bad. For instance, Linda found the wedding cake topper from my and Billie’s wedding, lying neglected and hidden as a reminder of my past life. Something to remind me of my first love and mother of my children.

Rather than ignoring it as not relevant to today, Linda repaired the torn hem, cleaned the figures up and presented it to my daughter this Christmas. Now there is new meaning added to an old memory, Tara now has a memento with even more meaning. And I have a new memory of new love to cherish.

We need not hang onto things to remember the past, we need not accumulate things to show our worth and we need not carry or keep things to give us happiness in our future. All we need is God. If we keep the Lord first in our hearts, then all will be well with the world.