Today is going to be a day where I need to depend on the Lord more than most. As a man, it is difficult for me to say that I am afraid, that I fear what I cannot control, that there are circumstances which I cannot control. But there are situations that come up with my family and friends that are beyond my control, people I love have needs that I cannot meet, face obstacles that I know nothing about.

When I am weakest, when I have no control, when bad things happen to those I love; then is when I need Jesus the most. Then is when I pray to the Holy Spirit for guidance and yes today is such a day. So this morning I prayed for guidance in all circumstances, peace with all results and His will be done. I prayed for wisdom for the doctors and surgical staff and healing for Linda. But, most of all I prayed for His will to be done here, now and with us as His will is always done in heaven.

Letting go is not easy, but necessary. Loving others means feeling their pain, their hurt and praying that it be removed. Most of all loving others means giving them back to God so He can once again give them back to you. Over and over and over again.