It is only by the grace of God that we come to know Him and only be grace that we become more like Jesus. There is no other way that we can learn about the divine and no other method that will bring us to a relationship with Him.

We cannot just believe that He is and then go out and do good works. We cannot just serve others without love or mercy or kindness; in fact, we cannot serve others with mercy and kindness but without love. We have to believe in the Hope of the world, we have to believe that Jesus is the risen Son of God. Such a leap of faith only comes by grace, the grace of a God who loves us, the grace of the Creator, the Redeemer and the Holy Spirit.

God has many faces, many names and an infinite number of attributes. For me, a sinner for many years, the most important attribute is grace for without His grace I would be lost in my sin. Without His grace I would not feel His love and I would not be able to shine His love onto those I care about. Praise God, full of grace, abounding in love and able to save a sinner like me and you.