This morning, the words just aren’t there. Rather, the words are there but all that can be done is to praise God for His mercy and goodness. Worship the Almighty, sit in wonder at His majesty, watch helplessly as He puts order into a chaotic world and become speechless as His universe unfolds.

When all around us is in chaos, when senseless death and destruction become commonplace, when friends become enemies and families part with each other over foolishness, then is the time to seek God for then is the time when you need Him most. As you seek Him, you will feel a change, not to the world but to your heart.

The blessing of knowing, loving and following Jesus is not the blessing of a changed world, the blessing is of a changed you. The world will not change until Jesus comes to reign (may it be soon). But you can change, you can stay in the world as a beacon, as an example of what is to come for believers. Be the fun person who builds others up, create laughter from good rather than from evil. Be the emissary of the Lord that all want to be with, not the harbinger of doom that so many Christians are.