Waiting and watching, just waiting and watching. Wondering what our new life will really look like as we remove the trappings of settled life to prepare to live on the road. Primarily, why do we feel compelled to do this? Certainly not because this is the easy way out or because we are following our dreams and we are definitely not doing this with full confidence.

There is a great deal of uncertainty that comes with any large change, especially change that was precipitated by events beyond our control. Since our marriage, Linda and I have tried to discern God’s will for our lives and respond to His word. Each change has led inevitably to here. Christian Appalachian Project helped us to hone our faith, focus our thoughts and improve our skills. This time has taught us patience, perseverance and how to be still and listen.

Now, it is time to move forward, time to step off of the cliff into the abyss once again, depending totally on the goodness and mercy of our Lord. This is at once exhilarating and frightening, humbling and uplifting. Above all, it seems right. The message of the goodness of the Lord and His mercy and love is too important to be left in the box of the church and too needed to be kept in a house. So we will go. On March 5th we will leave Kentucky for parts unknown going where we are led.