When we were at home under the authority of our parents our actions were not the same in their absence as in their presence. Most of us loved and respected our parents enough to want their approval. So why did we always seek to test their limits, to try to do things that went against their specific wishes? Because it is in our nature to rebel against authority, any authority and we have the ability to do so. Most of time we chose not to out of a combination of love, respect and fear.

As we mature and find the Lord, as we exchange our earthly father for our heavenly Father we obey for essentially the same reasons. And the truth is that every minute of every day we are in the presence of the Lord, we may not acknowledge it, we may not feel it and we certainly do not always act like it. To be kind, most of the time we forget it, because if we have not forgotten then we either do not believe that He exists or we do not respect Him.

We cannot live under this scrutiny, under the constant eye of the Lord without spiritual help. That help comes from the Holy Spirit whom Jesus sent to be our Guide and our Comforter, to be our constant reminder of the grace of the Lord. God’s watchful eye is loving and caring. He wants all to come to Him and not falter. So run to Him, without fear, be enveloped in His loving arms knowing that He loves you.