As the snow drifts slowly down from the grey clouds to land softly on the valley in front of me, I listen to the sounds of home all around me. The television in the background, Linda’s gentle laughter as she works in the kitchen, the world is a wonderful place today. As with all things of this world, this will change and we will soon move on, following what we perceive to be the will of our Lord.

Just because there will be new adventures to go on, new vistas to look at and new wonders to ponder we do not stop reveling in the great moments of today and this is one of them. Kentucky is a beautiful state full of wild and wonderful vistas and a great place to call home. The people are amazing, warm and welcoming, you become part of their family the moment they meet you. So why leave, why ever go anywhere else?

For the same reason that we came here from a comfortable existence in Dothan, to serve others. However, our health no longer allows us to put a full and dependable effort into a daily service job and because there are too many sick, hurting and needy people in the world, we can’t do anything but try to help. There are too many lost to be anything other than a voice of encouragement. There are too many who need to see the love of Jesus to sit still and not go and seek new opportunities to serve Jesus by serving others to the best of our ability.

As we travel we will be in prayer. Praying that God will put those people who need to hear about Jesus in our path, praying that God will lead us to places where our skills are needed to help alleviate suffering. Just as nobody lives in a vacuum, Linda and I do nothing by ourselves.

When we left Dothan, we left with the blessings of our home church and spiritual aid as well as some financial help. The approval and love of our home church is a pillar upon which we stand as we face the uncertainties of following the Lord through this time of our walk with Jesus.

And as we leave Kentucky and CAP we find that we have another pillar to add to our spiritual foundation. Our new and old friends at CAP have become another family for us, a family of loving and caring people who work tirelessly in their mission field here in Eastern Kentucky.

We have a blended family that is going through this journey with us as well, loved ones that we don’t see as often as we or they would like. They still support us and send us out with love and it is that love that holds us up when we falter.

So, we will travel, seeing America as we follow God’s lead, stopping where He decides, moving when He says, helping as He needs, depending on each other for companionship and the Lord for everything else.